September 2020 Newsletter

Here are some of the kinds of income that are not taxed, based on the provisions of the Income Tax Act, CRA interpretations, or court decisions:

Here are a baker’s dozen of unusual GST and HST rules from the Excise Tax Act (ETA) — some less well-known than others — that might affect your business. Note that while the GST and HST are administered by the CRA across Canada, they are administered in Quebec by Revenu Québec (RQ).

The Income Tax Act provides many potential benefits, credits and tax breaks to persons with disabilities.

In most but not all cases, the test to qualify for these benefits is based on qualifying for the “Disability Tax Credit”, which requires having a physician complete a Form T2201 (for some disabilities, other health-care providers also qualify), certifying that the person has a “severe and prolonged impairment” that affects the person’s “activities of daily living” in a particular way. The Act and Form T2201 have detailed requirements that must be met to qualify.

Construction contractors beware! The CRA has ways to find you

The Federal Court of Appeal has continued to allow the CRA to find construction contractors who are not reporting all their income. (Residential contractors are notorious for doing renovations for cash and not reporting all their income and GST/HST.)